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The town hall

The town hall

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8 AM - 12 PM

The school

The school in Juliénas goes from the kindergarten to the last year in Primary education.
Classes occupy three buildings.

Administrative formalities

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Le mot du maire

Julienas is at the northern limit of the department of the Rhône, and at the limit of the Saône et Loire and of the wineproducing territory of the Mâconnais. Julienas is close to main means of communication : the RN6, the A6 motorway, the High Speed Train (TGV), and the cities of Mâcon (15 kilometres), Villefranche sur Saône (the economic capital of the Beaujolais, 25 kilometres), and is 60 kilometres from Lyon and 150 kilometres from Geneva.

The population of Julienas is about 850 inhabitants. The village has kept its charm and welcome approach. Many local groups give Juliénas its dynamic character. The village also has tradespeople, professionals, shops, restaurants, good hotels, and some sixty wine producing properties.

Wine production has been a feature of Juliénas for more than 2000 years. The culture of the vine starts in the Beaujolais. Juliénas owes its name to Julius Caesar himself. It is known that in the Gallo-Roman period of history vines were cultivated on these hills.

The reputation of Juliénas needs no further confirmation. You will have all the pleasure of tasting it in the Cellier de la Vieille Eglise (the cellar of the old church), the Cave Coopérative of the Château du Bois de la Salle and in the private cellars of its skilled producers throughout the year.

Learn to appreciate Juliénas by introduction to its web site, and the bouquet of its wines.

Lilian MATRAY 

The cru Julienas

In the Beaujolais there are twelve labels of origin :
- two regional labels : Beaujolais and Beaujolais-Villages
-ten communal or crus.
Two of them are called Juliénas and Beaujolais-Villages, and the cru can also be found in four other villages, Juliénas, Jullié ans Emeringes in the department of the Rhône, and Pruzilly in Saône et Loire.

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Le 12/3/2023

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